Hästens’ POS app is now live in four markets

Hästens Beds have together with Apple, Deloitte, Salesforce and KACHING, created a truly impressive mobile POS solution for Hästens Retail Stores. Hästens’ new POS app has managed to cut in-store checkout times by over 90 percent and has even gotten the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook. The app is currently live in four markets, with two more set to go live in early 2020.

When Kaching signed the contract with Hästens Beds in 2018, it was the company’s first large-scale international contract. Together with Deloitte and Salesforce, we were tasked with creating a mobile POS that would help store associates transform the in-store experience in Hästens’ 20 stores and for their almost 200 resellers in 20 countries.

Now, we are proud to say that we have accomplished the first part of that mission. The app is currently live in Hästens’ stores in the U.S, the U.K, Spain and Sweden; with Belgium and the Netherlands set to go live in Q1 2020.

What we’ve created together with our partners is a great example of how we imagine the future of retail. By using Hästens’ POS app, running on iOS, store associates can now deliver a new type of customer experience. The mobile POS gives them access to all product information in a quick and user-friendly interface. This allows them to customize customer order, set up deliveries and accept payments with one tool - without ever leaving the customer’s side.

The results of the app have been nothing short of amazing. Hästens have been able to cut down the time it takes to order a bed in-store from 30 minutes to only two minutes.

Those results have also gotten a lot of attention. While speaking at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted Hästens’ POS app as one of two successful examples of how mobile technology is now being used to transform in-store retail. That type of praise only strengthens our conviction that mobile POS is the key to modernizing retail stores.

With these encouraging results, we now look forward to continuing the collaboration in 2020. Our first priority will be to finish the roll out to all of Hästens’ 20 stores and will then set our sights on their almost 200 retailers across the world.